No. 201, September 2018
Special Issue on "Ritual, Festival and Socio-Cultural Practices of Asia-Pacific Society" (亞太儀式、節慶與社會文化實踐)— Part II
亞太儀式、節慶與其社會文化實踐:導言 (Ritual, Festival and Socio-Cultural Practices of Asia-Pacific Society: Introduction)
民俗、藝能與文化資產:沖繩竹富島的當代儀式實踐 (Folklore, Performing Arts and Cultural Heritage: Contemporary Ritual Practices of Taketomi Island in Okinawa)
香港潮僑盂蘭勝會的「申遺」與潮屬社群的重建 (The Designation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Yulan Ghost Festival and the Re-construction of Ethnic Chaozhou Communities in Hong Kong)
神在此間:浙江鄉村醮儀召請科儀本中的空間觀念折衝 (Deities Reside Within: Negotiation of the Spatial Concept in the Summon Ritual Script of the Rural Jiao in South Zhejiang)
Research Note
從《台灣鄉土交響曲》論許石民歌採集與音樂記錄脈絡 (A Study of the Folk Song Collection and the Context of the Musical Records of Hsu Shih, Being Based upon His Work Symphonic Folk Songs of Taiwan)

No. 200, June 2018
Special Issue on "Ritual, Festival and Socio-Cultural Practices of Asia-Pacific Society" (亞太儀式、節慶與社會文化實踐)— Part
亞太儀式、節慶與社會文化實踐:導論 (Ritual, Festival and Socio-Cultural Practices of Asia-Pacific Society: Introduction)
是傳統還是創新?儀式、性別階序與規範實踐之間的阿美族都蘭婦女組militepuray (“Tradition” or “Creation”? Women’s Organization Militepuray in Between the Practices of ‘Atolan Amis Rituals and Norms of Gender Hierarchy)
聖母意象與無形文化遺產:以都會阿美族「愛的饗宴」和「慶祝聖母升天節」祭典活動為例的分析 (The Image of Mother Mary and Intangible Heritage: An Analysis Based on Studies of Such Ritual Activities as “Love Feast” and “Assumption of the Blessed Mother Mary” Celebrated by the Urban Amis)
文化遺產的束縛或護衛?以阿米斯音樂節的文化實踐與創造能動性為例 (Safeguarding or Restraining Cultural Heritage? Cultural Practice and Agency of Creativity in the Amis Music Festival)
Field Report
蘇州上方山太姥信仰及儀式文藝的調查報告 (A Survey of Taimu Cult and Ritual Art in Shangfang Mountain, Suzhou)

No. 199, March 2018
Special Issue on "City Space, Material Culture and Theatrical Development" (都市空間、物質文化與戲劇發展)
前言 (Preface)
奇術縱橫三十年:第一代松旭齋天勝與天勝一座在臺灣的演出 (Thirty Years of Spectacular Magic: Performances of the First-Generation Shōkyokusai Tenkatsu and Tenkatsu Vaudevillian Magic Troupe in Taiwan)
商業機制區隔策略:臺灣布袋戲商業劇場1946-1960 (Mechanism and Distinction: Taiwan’s Commercial Puppet Theatre, 1946-1960)
晚清上海演劇文化對北方戲曲生態的影響:以王鐘聲在天津的演出活動軌跡為例 (The Late Qing Shanghai-Style Opera Culture and Its Influences on the Environments of Northern Opera: A Case Study of Wang Zhongsheng's Theatre in Tianjin)
香港戲曲史上的商業戲園 (1865-1910) (Commercial Opera Theatres of Hong Kong [1865-1910]: Preliminary Observations from Social History)
香港摩登:五十年代都巿發展與香港粵劇發展脈絡 (A Modern City: The Urban Development of Hong Kong and the Local Cantonese Opera Productions in the 1950s)
Research Paper
潛跡與明蹤:清中葉《雷峰塔》傳奇演變新論 (The Underlain Footprints and Revealed Route: A Re-examination on the Development of Thunder Peak Pagoda in Mid-Qing)

No. 198, December 2017
Research Papers 
目連救母、妙善救父、哪吒大戰李靖︰父系社會中兒子與女兒的主體性建構 (Mulian Saves His Mother, Miaoshan Saves Her Father, Nezha Battles with Li Jing: The Processes of Subjectification of Sons and Daughters in Chinese Society)
混雜與交融的「傳統」想像:馬來西亞在地職業戲班「麒麟」閩劇團歌仔戲劇目及演出觀察 (The Intertwined and Integrated Imaginations of “Tradition”: Some Observations on the Repertoire and Performance of Kî-lîn [麒麟] Professional Hoklo [Min] Opera Troupe in Malaysia)
南北交加・東西交響:日治時期北港音樂子弟團的分類與發展 (Polyphonic Melodies: The Classification and Development of Beigang Amateur Musical Troupes during the Japanese Colonial Era)
遺址時空劇場:西安、羅馬遺址再現的比較研究 (Heritage as Spatial-Temporal Theatre: Comparative Research on the Representation of Historic Ruins in Rome and Xi’an)
Research Note
常民節氣觀 (Commoner’s Philosophy of Jieqi, the 24 Solar Terms)
「日光歌劇團」演藝現象述論 (On the Performance Phenomena of Riguang Opera Troupe)

No. 197, September 2017
Special Issue on "Perspectives of Historical Demography in Taiwan Folklore: In Memory of Professor Arthur P. Wolf" (歷史人口視界下的臺灣民俗研究紀念武雅士教授)
前言 (Preface)
Interview of Professor Arthur P. Wolf (1932-2015) on Stanford’s Human Biology Program (武雅士教授2013年訪談錄)
The Prevalence of Smallpox and the Spread of Vaccination in Late Nineteenth Century Taiwan, Evidence from the Household Registers (日治時期戶口資料顯現的臺灣天花盛行與疫苗普及)
日治時期新竹客家街庄招贅婚生子女從姓現象的分析 (The Patterns of Uxorilocal Marriage Couples Surnaming Their Children in the Hakka Settlements in Colonial Taiwan)
當纏足遇上天然足:族群融合與社會壓力 (When Bound Feet Encounter Natural Feet: Ethnic Assimilation and Social Pressure)
閩客通婚與家戶社經地位關係之研究 (1905-1945):以福爾摩沙歷史職業與社會分層資料庫分析 (The Relationship between Household Economic Status and Ethnic Intermarriage, 1905-1945: Formosa Historical International Standard Classification of Occupations Database [Formosa HISCO])
從墓碑來看「土著化」現象:清代以來臺灣社會祖籍認同的變化 (Examining the Changing of Ancestral Homeland Identity in Taiwan through Tombstones)

No. 196, June 2017
Special Issue on "Traditional Performing Arts as Intangible Cultural Heritage" (無形文化遺產與傳統表演藝術)
無形文化遺產與傳統表演藝術:導言 (Traditional Performing Arts as Intangible Cultural Heritage: Introduction)
法制化體系的保障或切割?以都蘭阿美人的歌舞實踐為例談無形文化遺產法制化體系與原住民族文化主體性的展現 (Protection or Excision? Legal System of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Representation of Indigenous Cultural Identity, a Case Study on the Songs and Dances of ‘Atolan Amis)
政府支持與國家認證的民俗節慶新傳統:「金門迎城隍」的重要民俗之路 (Government Support and Authentication: The New Tradition of City God Folk Festival in Jinmen)
中國非物質文化遺產政策下廣西壯族「末倫」(moedlaenz)舞臺化展演的探討與反思 (Discussion and Reflection on Zhuang Staged Moedlaenz Performance in Guangxi under Policies regarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in China)
Research Paper
陶瓷史上的金屬襯片修補術:從一件以鐵片修補的排灣族古陶壺談起 (Metal Plate-Based Repairs in the History of Ceramics: Remark on an Ancient Paiwan Pottery Vessel Repaired with an Iron Plate)
Research Note
1920-30年代臺灣民宅彩繪中的當代圖像 (Modern Images of Paintings in Residential Buildings from 1920 to1930 in Taiwan)

No. 195, March 2017
Special Issue on "Religion and the Development of Modern Chinese Culture" (宗教與華人近代文化變遷)
Introduction (前言)
戲劇、宗教儀式與文化傳統:以近代廣西北部「三王」信仰為中心 (Operas, Rituals and Cultural Traditions: The Cult of the “Three Kings” in Modern Guangxi)
山西、河北等地崔府君信仰的當代復興 (The Revival of the Cult of Cui Fujun in Shanxi and Hebei)
清末噶瑪蘭基督徒與漢番社會網絡 (Social Networks between Han Chinese and Plains Aborigine Christians in Kavalan (Yilan) during the Late Qing)
自會黨盟誓到就職宣誓︰近代華人立誓文化的一個側面 (From Secret Society Covenant to Oath of Office: An Aspect of Modern Chinese Oath Culture)

權力、想像與再現:照相對近代中國宗教團體產生的影響 (Power, Imagination and Representation: The Impact of Photography on Modern Chinese Religious Groups)

No. 194, December 2016
Research Papers 
1960年代「牡丹桂閩劇團」新加坡演出印記 (Mu Dan Gui Min Theater Troupe’s Performances in Singapore in the 1960s)
閩客潮箏曲《出水蓮》的地緣背景及演奏流變:以張學海、饒寧新、林毛根三個演奏版本為例 (The Geo-relational Background and Performance Variations of the Piece “Lotus” in Minnan, Hakka, and Chaozhou Zheng Music: On the Three Versions of Zhang Xuehai, Rao Ningxin, and Lin Maogen)
道教的「受生填還」儀式:以四川《廣成儀制》為中心的考察 (Pay-back (Shousheng Tianhuan): A Taoist Ritual and a Case Study of the Guangcheng Yizhi Tradition)
Research Note
臺灣客家研究中的東南亞視野 (A General Review of the Development of Southeast Asian Hakka Studies in Taiwan)

No. 193, September 2016
Special Issue on "Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Societies" (無形文化遺產與地方社會)— Part II
無形文化遺產與地方社會:導言 (Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Societies: Introduction)
跨文化表演的研究途徑:臺灣一場緬甸音樂表演的互為主體與多點民族誌研究 (Approaches to Understanding Intercultural Performances: Intersubjectivity and Multi-sited Ethnographic Research on a Taiwan’s Burmese Music Performance)
卡那卡那富祭儀與族群共同體之重構 (Kanakanavu Rituals and the Reconstruction of Ethnic Community)
全球重要農業遺產系統的主體性與真實性建構:臺東池上水圳耕作區與花蓮壽豐河川地種植的案例分析 (Constructing Subjectivity and Authenticity of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Exemplified by Chishang Canal Cultivation Areas and Shoufeng Riverbed Farming)
「民俗及有關文物」登錄指定與地方實踐:以「雲林六房媽過爐」為例 (Recognition, Designation, and Local Practice of “Folk Custom and Related Cultural Artifacts”: An Example of “Yunlin Liu Fang Ma Guolu”)

No. 192, June 2016
Special Issue on "Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Societies" (無形文化遺產與地方社會)— Part
無形文化遺產與地方社會:導言 (Intangible Cultural Heritage and Local Societies: Introduction)
傳承的挑戰:排灣古樓巫師傳統的衰微與復振 (The Challenge of Succession: Decline and Revitalization of Shamanic Traditions in Paiwan Kulalao Village)
遺產化過程中的媽祖進香:儀式變遷與地方賦權的考察 (Examining a Mazu Pilgrimage in the Heritagization Process: Changes in Ritual Practices and the Empowerment of a Local Community)
花樣本:貴州苗族刺繡技藝傳承與地方社會 (Embroidered Images: Women’s Inheritance of Embroidery Techniques and Local Miao Communities in Guizhou Province)
達邦社戰祭歌謠作為口傳音樂文化遺產的研究 (The Study of Tapang Mayasvi Ritual Music as Oral Cultural Heritage)

No. 191, March 2016
Special Issue on "Fluidity and Innovation: A Study of the Cross-Border Transmission of Chinese Drama" (流動與創新:戲曲的域外傳播研究)
前言 (Preface)
從演出劇目看新加坡在地職業劇團對臺灣歌仔戲的接受和創發──以「新賽鳳」為例 (A Performance Repertoire-Based Investigation of Innovation in Taiwanese Folk Opera by Professional Troupes in Singapore, with Sin Sai Hong as a Case Study)
潮州外江戲的傳播組織:新加坡餘娛儒樂社 (The Media of Chaozhou Wai-jiang Opera: Er Woo Amateur Musical and Dramatic Association, Singapore)
中國戲曲在俄羅斯傳播和影響(1788-1990) (The Spread and Influence of Chinese Musical Drama in Russia [1788-1990])
Research Paper
臺灣「觀音佛祖」的身世與崇拜圖式的成立:從艋舺龍山寺談起 (On the Origin and Pattern of Cult of Guanyin Buddha in Taiwan: A Case Study of Monga Longshan Temple)
Research Note
「王」的禁忌與熱門:Sipsong Panna王國的觀光再生 (When a Taboo Becomes Hot Issue: On the Re-birth of Kingdom of Sipsong Panna under Touristic Situation)

No. 190, December 2015
Research Papers 
藝術商業政治紀錄論「戲曲電影」及其對黃梅調電影的影響 (Art, Commerce, Politics, and Documentation: On the Xiqu Opera Movies and Its Influences on the Huangmeidiao Opera Movies)
越南寶山奇香教派及其傳衍――以「四恩孝義」為探討核心 (The Sect and Lineage of Buu Son Ki Huong in Vietnam: A Discussion Centered on Tu An Hieu Nghia)
善人善書善念――陳江山及其《精神錄》的版本流傳與思想探源 (Philanthropist, Morality Books, and Benevolent Thought: An Analysis of the Editions, Circulation, and Philosophical Thinking of Chen Jiangshan’s Jingshen lu)
Research Note
國立中山大學「風俗物品陳列室」舊藏閩南語歌仔冊述論 (Studies on the Minnan Gezi Booklets Collection in Folklore Artifacts Exhibition Room of Sun Yat-sen University)

No. 189, September 2015 
Special Issue on "The Transmission, Translation, and Transformation of Chinese Drama" (中國戲劇的傳譯與改編)
前言 (Preface)
文本詮釋與文化翻譯:元雜劇《老生兒》及其域外傳播 (Textual Interpretation and Cultural Translation: Yuan Drama Lao Sheng Er and Its Transmission to England)
中國「喜劇」《㑳梅香》在法國的傳譯與改編 (Tchao-meï-hiang: Translation, Adaptation, and Reception of a Chinese Comedy in France)
李漁與江戶文藝:論笠亭仙果的《清談常磐色香》及《美目与利草紙》(Li Yu and Edo Literature: With a Focus on Ryutei Senka’s Seidan Tokiwa No Iroka and Mimeyori Zōshi)
演員劇場的消解與重解:從魏海敏的表演藝術探究戲曲的「當代性」(The Decline and Re-interpretation of Performer-Oriented Theater: Remarks on the Contemporaneity of Theater from Wei Haimin’s Art of Performance)
Research Note
湘西仙娘調查訪談錄 (Spirit Mediums in Western Hunan: An Ethnographic Report)

No. 188, June 2015 
Special Issue on "The Religious Cultures of Southwest China" (中國西南宗教文化) — Part II
從廣西西南三縣農曆七月壯族燒衣 (pyau ei) 儀式論壯族本土宗教儀式專家的傳承 (Burning Paper Clothes Rites and Transmission Patterns of Zhuang Ritual Specialists in Southwest Guangxi)
貴州施洞苗族的儀式專家與歷史(Ritual Specialists and History in Shidong Miao Society, Guizhou Province)
湖南省藍山縣過山瑤的還家願儀禮與盤王傳承及其歌唱 (On the Recitation of Pan Wang Songs during “Huanjiayuan” Initiation Rites among the Guoshan Yao of Lanshan, Hunan Province)
Research Paper
民間信仰的地域傳播與人文分化:以明清以降寧國府的汪華、張渤信仰為中心 (Geographical Dissemination and Humanity Division: On the Cults of Wang Hua and Zhang Bo of Ningguo Prefecture in Ming and Qing)

No. 187, March 2015 
Special Issue on "The Religious Cultures of Southwest China" (中國西南宗教文化) — Part I
神明,祖先,儀式專家:明以降梅山「家主」與「地主」信仰 (Deity, Ancestor, and Ritual Specialist: Cults to the Lord of the House and the Lord of the Land in the Meishan Area from the Ming Dynasty)
神靈、龍王與官祀:以雲南大理龍關社會為核心的討論 (Spirits, Dragon Kings and State Cult: An Examination of Religion and Local Society in Dali, Yunnan)
Religion as a Civilizing Process? Rethinking Yao Religious Culture and Ritual Manuscrip)
Research Paper
做醮與地方社會:以埔里兩次醮儀為例 (Jiao and the Local Society: Case Studies on Two Jiao Rituals in Puli)

No. 186, December 2014
Special Issue on "Cultural Heritage and Memories" (文化遺產與記憶) — Part II
文化遺產與記憶:導言 (Cultural Heritage and Memories: Introduction)
文化遺產的脈絡、記憶與詮釋:以萬山岩雕為例 (The Context, Memory, and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of Wansan Stone Carvings)
信仰、記憶與建構:談六房媽過爐 (Belief, Memory, and Construction: On the Guolu Ritual of Liufangma)
臺灣媽祖廟現存「御匾」研究:兼論其所反映的集體記憶與政治神話 (Qing Imperial Plaques Kept in the Mazu Temples in Taiwan: The Collective Memory and Political Myths)
Research Paper
日治時期大稻埕霞海城隍祭典的組織與審查制度研究 (Study on the Organization and Review System of the Xiahai City God’s Temple Festival during the Japanese Colonial Era)
Field Report
消逝的將藝:稻江霞海八將會 (The Lost Art of Martial Troupe: Daojiang Xiahai Bajiang Troupe)

No. 185, September 2014
Special Issue on "Cultural Heritage and Memories" (文化遺產與記憶) — Part I
文化遺產與記憶:導言 (Cultural Heritage and Memories: Introduction)
朝鮮宗廟祭禮樂的當代保存與記憶 (Jongmyo Jeryeak and Its Preservation Today)
當「做花」成「做人」:施洞苗族非物質文化遺產之傳承與變遷 (When “Making Motifs” Becomes “Making a Person”: Continuity and Change of Shidong Miao Intangible Cultural Heritage)
創世史詩梅葛的記憶:楚雄彝族歌謠的傳統與再現 (Memories from Meige, the Epic Poem of Creation: Traditional Songs of Chuxiong Yi and Their Re-presentations)
Research Papers
變婆的巫術指控:抹黑鄰居的社會展演 (Witchcraft Accusations against Sax Biinv: Stigmatizing Neighbours as Social Drama)
儀式傳承之文本媒介:廣西上林縣壯族師公戒度法事中的唱本分析 (Textual Medium of Ritual Transmission: Analysis of Jiedu Scripts of Zhuang Shigong in Shanglin County, Guangxi Province)

No. 184, June 2014 
Special issue on "Daoist and Ritual Practices and Local Society"(道法實踐與地方社會) — Part II
前言:道法複合的地方經驗 (Preface: The Local Experience of Combined Daoist and Ritual Practices)
南臺灣和瘟送船儀式的傳承與其道法析論 (Analysis on the Transmission of “Pacification of Plagues” Boat Burning Ritual in Southern Taiwan and Its Involvement in the Daoist / Ritual Tradition)
威顯南邦:馬來西亞馬六甲勇全殿的王醮 (The Daoist Jiao Ritual at the Melaka Yong Chuan Tien Temple)
湘中「梅山派」的道法淵源及其演變:以新化縣為例 (The Interrelation between Dao-Fa and the Meishan Daoism in the Central Hunan: A Case Study of Xinhua County)
Research Papers
客潮二派箏樂小曲之形質流變 (A Research on the Form and Character of Zheng Folk Tunes in Hakka and Chaozhou Music)
論京劇武戲之套曲應用及崑班承演 (On the Song Cycles of Martial Arts Plays and the Succession of Kunqu Performance)
當代埔里鸞生的宗教生活:以育化堂女鸞為考察中心 (The Religious Life of Contemporary Female Disciples of the Phoenix: A Case Study of Yuhua Tang in Puli)

No. 183, March 2014 
Special issue on "Daoist and Ritual Practices and Local Society"(道法實踐與地方社會) — Part I
前言:道法實踐與地方社會 (Preface: Daoist and Ritual Practices and Local Society)
社會中的體化實踐:臺南安平乩童濟世成神個案研究 (The Practice of Incorporation in Society: A Case Study of a Spirit Medium’s Life History)
乩示中的神、靈與儀式、習俗的系統關係:金門中堡威靈殿張公壇乩示紀實 (Systematic Relation between the Supernatural and Religious Practices: A Report on Duke Zhang’s Spirit-writing Session in Kinmen)
地方宗教中的道法關係:以臺南和意堂為核心的考察 (The Web of Local Religions as Seen in the Way (Dao) and the Technique (Fa): An Investigation of the Heyitang in Tainan)
Research Papers
苗人古歌的記音與翻譯:歌師Sangt Jingb的手稿、知識與空間 (Transcription and Translation of Hmub Antique Songs: A Song Master’s Manuscript, Knowledge, Space and Landscape)
孤魂的在地化:有應公廟與臺灣社會地緣意識之轉變 (The Localization of Orphan Ghosts: The Youyinggong Temples and Changes in Geo-Consciousness of Taiwan Society)

No. 182, December 2013
Special issue on "The Formation, Transmission, and Transformation of the Paradigms in the Field of Arts and Cultural Studies" (藝術範型的形成、傳播與轉化)
前言 (Preface)
作出臺灣味:日本蓄音器商會臺灣唱片產製策略初探 (Sounding Taiwanese: A Preliminary Study on the Production Strategy of Taiwanese Records by Nippon Phonograph Company)
從選曲通知書看臺灣古倫美亞唱片公司與日本蓄音器商會之間的訊息傳遞──兼談戰爭期的唱片發行(1930s1940s) (The Role of the “Notifications of Music Selection” in the Course of Music Album Release between the Taiwan Columbia Record Company and the Nippon Phonograph Co. [1930s-1940s])
鬚髯的能與藝:北海道愛努族的兩性和儀式 (Beards and Whiskers: On the Gender and Ritual of Ainu People in Hokkaido)
文化競技超越前代、媲美西洋的康熙朝清宮畫琺瑯 (Cultural Contending: Kangxi Painted Enamelware as Global Competitor)
戰前日本帝國大學之籌組與校園空間的「巴洛克」化:從東京帝國大學到臺北帝國大學 (Japanese Imperial Universities with Baroque-Style Campus Landscape, from Tokyo to Taipei)

No. 181, September 2013 
Special Issue on "Studies of Improvisation in Folk Theater" (民間即興戲劇研究)
前言 (Preface)
臺灣布袋戲的即興創作及其特質 (Improvisation in Taiwan’s Puppet Theater)
從「傳仔戲」論臺灣亂彈戲裡的活戲演出 (A Study on the Improvisational Performance in Taiwanese Luantan (Beiguan) Theater of “Tuān-á-hì”)
試論奠基歌仔戲活戲養分的「真本歌仔」《山伯英臺》 (On the Foundation of Improvisation in Taiwanese Koa Opera: “Genuine Koa,” Shanbo and Yintai )
Research Paper
On the Survival of the Traditional Ritualized Performance Art in Modern China: A Case of Telling Scriptures by Yu Dingjun in Shanghu Town Area of Changshu City in Jiangsu Province (談宗教性講唱文學在當代中國的傳承與創造:以江蘇省常熟市尚湖鎮余鼎君「講經宣卷」為例) Read more 
民俗畫的解讀與誤讀──以俄藏五鬼鬧判圖為例 (The Interpretation and Misinterpretation of Folk Pictures: A Case Study of the Zhong Kui Pictures Held in Russian Museums)  Read more 
原漢共譜的「山地」戀曲──談〈馬蘭姑娘〉的可能源流與認同想像 (A Mountain Love Song between Cross Cultural)

No. 180, June 2013
Research Papers 
音樂時間與文化異質性:以1930年代前後《雪梅思君》的不同錄音為例 (Musical Time and Cultural Heterogeneity: Recordings of Xuemei Si Jun during and around the 1930s)
失落的西安城市史:對唐大明宮(國家遺址公園)歷史想像空間構築的考察 (Lost Historiography of Xi’an: Investigating the Imaginative Spatial Construction of the Historic Daming Palace [National Heritage Park]) 
「社官」信仰在廣東蕉嶺與臺灣美濃的比較研究 (A Comparative Study of “She Guan” in Jiaoling, Guangdong and Meinong, Taiwan)
潮惠兩裔客家人分佈比例與新竹枋寮義民祭祀圈之關係 (Distribution and Proportion of the Chaozhou and Huizhou Hakka and Their Status within the Ritual Sphere of Yimin Temple, Xinzhu)
戰爭、傳說與地方社會之信仰重構:以淡水清水祖師信仰為論述中心 (War, Legends, and the Reconstruction Cult in Local Society: A Discourse on the Qingshui Zushi Cult of Tamsui)
試探一項平埔族習俗的解讀 (A Tentative Interpretation of a Pingpu Custom)

No. 179, March 2013 
Research Papers
鹿港郭氏家族在傳統厝屋彩繪作品之人物圖像來源研究 (A Study of the Sources of the Human Figures in the Traditional House Painting Works by the Kuo Clan in Lukang)
意象、藝像與商品:蘭嶼達悟族飛魚文化的當代顯像 (Image, Representation, and Commodity: Contemporary Manifestations of Flying Fish Culture among the Tao in Orchid Island)
中西即興戲劇脈絡中的歌仔戲「做活戲」──藝術定位、研究視野與劇場運用 (“Spontaneous Performance” in Taiwanese Opera in the Context of Improvisational Theater: Artistic Position, Research Perspective, and Dramatic Practice)
番平千萬不通行?——閩南「過番歌」中的歷史記憶與勸世話語 (Never Go to Nanyang? The Historical Memories and Exhortation in the Keh-huan-gua from Southern Fujian)
關於七星板 (On the “Seven-star Board”)

No. 178, December 2012 
Special issue on "Sound Technology and Taiwanese Music" (錄音科技與臺灣音樂)
導言:錄音科技與臺灣音樂——近年研究回顧 (Introduction: State of Research on Sound Technology and Taiwanese Music)
一九三年代臺灣南管樂人潘榮枝的跨界與創新 (Pan Rongzhi’s Nanguan Crossovers in the 1930s in Colonial Taiwan)
「寶島低音歌王之路」:洪一峰歌唱風格發展 (“The Road to Formosan Primo Bass Singer”: Stages of Hong Yi-feng’s Singing Style)
臺灣「山地音樂工業」與「山地歌曲」發展的軌跡:196070年代鈴鈴唱片及群星唱片、心心唱片的產製與競爭 (The Development of Record Industry and Aboriginal “Mountain Songs” in Taiwan from the 1960s to the 1970s: The Production and Competition among Record Labels “Ling-ling,” “Chun-hsing” and “Hsin-hsin”)
「民歌」再思考:從《重返部落》談起 (Rethinking Folksong: Based on a Restudy of Return to Tribal Villages)

No. 177, September 2012
Research Papers 
儀式性質與歌舞系統:談馬蘭部落豐年祭歌舞的類型問題 (Ritual Character and Dance System: A Study on the Types of Falangaw New Year Ritual Dances)  
廣澤尊王遊臺灣:漢人民間信仰神明階序的結構與展演 (When the Reverent Lord of Broad Compassion Takes a Tour of Inspection in Taiwan: Hierarchy of Deities and Its Performance in Han Chinese Folk Religion)  
明清俗曲(小曲)之曲牌名附加語探究 (Investigation of the Tag-on Phrases of Ming-Qing Folk Tune Titles)
施洞苗族剪紙圖像上的戲曲與女性形象 (Theatrical and Female Figures on Shidong Miao Paper Stencil Images)

No. 176, June 2012
Special issue on "Objects, Local Knowledge, and Notions of Space" (物、地方知識與空間觀)
物質性、符號與美感所在:陶壺世界的感知詮釋 (Materiality, Symbol, and Aesthetic Locus: Perceptual Interpretation of Paiwan Pottery)
京都祇園祭宵山的文化展演與空間 (The Cultural Performance of Yoiyama in Gion Festival in Kyoto and the Space)
日治時期北港朝天宮建築空間之變遷 (The Spatial Transition of Peikang Matsu Temple during the Japanese Governed Period in Taiwan)
遺產做為一種空間識別:花蓮豐田社區的遺產論述 (Heritage as Space Identification: Heritage Discourse of Fengtian Community, Hualien)
Research Paper
「文化動起來」︰賽德克族文化產業的研究 ("Activating the Sediq Culture": A Study of Cultural Industry in a Sediq Community)

No. 175, March 2012
Research Papers
臺灣田都元帥信仰與宋江陣儀式傳統 (The Cult of Marshal Tiandu and the Ritual Tradition of Song Jiang Militia in Taiwan)
客家「串調」箏曲之研究 (A Study of Hakka Zheng Music Chuandiao)
中國鬥蟋蟀博戲中的芡草與芡法 (Cricket Ticklers and Tickling Methods in Chinese Cricket Fighting Games)
臺灣歌仔戲「做活戲」的演員即興表演與劇目創作參與 (Improvisational Performance and Creative Involvement in Taiwanese Gezixi Opera)
Research Report 
櫥窗內的歷史聲音:牛津大學Pitt Rivers博物館臺灣原住民樂器收藏與臺灣音樂研究史料 (Forgotten Voices behind the Display Glass: Formosan Musical Instruments at the Pitt Rivers Museum [Oxford] and Historical Research in the Music of Taiwan)

No. 174, December 2011 
Special issue on “Religion and Society in South China and Taiwan” (華中、南與臺灣的宗教與社會) 
Preface (引言
明清以來徽州的保安善會與「五隅」組織 (The Tranquility Festivals and the Five Sectors Organization of Huizhou since the Ming Dynasty) 
Spirit-writing Halls and the Development of Local Communities: A Case Study of Puli (Nantou County) (鸞堂與地方社會的發展:以埔里地區為例) 
「混雜的現代性」:近代金門地方社會的文化想像及其實踐 (Hybrid Modernity: A Study of Cultural Imagination and Practice of the Overseas Chinese in Modern Kinmen) 
申遺背後的曹主娘娘信俗研究 (Behind the Application for the Status of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Study of the Female Deity Caozhu Niangniang [Lady of Lord Cao] in Yingde, Northern Guangdong) 
Village Religion in Huizhou: A Preliminary Assessment (徽州府的村落宗教:初步的探討
Research Paper 
水利空間與地域建構:社子溪流域的水圳、祭典與儀式社群 (Irrigation and Territorial Construction: Sacrifice to the Deities of the Three Realms in Shezi Stream Basin)

No. 173, September 2011 
Special issue on “Redemptive Societies and New Religious Movements in Modern China” (救世團體與現代中國的新興宗教運動), part II   
Introduction: Redemptive Societies in Cultural and Historical Contexts
導言:關於「救世團體」:「鄉村宗教」或「邪教」?(Introduction: Redemptive Societies: "Rural Religion" or "Heterodox Teachings"?) 
先天道嶺南道脈的思想和實踐:以廣東清遠飛霞洞為例 (The Ideas and Practices of the Xiantiandao’s Lingnan Branch: The Case of the Feixia Dong [Qingyuan County, Guangdong]) 
先天道的尊孔崇道:香港道德會福慶堂、善慶洞的源流和變遷 (Worshipping Confucius and Promoting the Dao: The Origin and Development of the Fuqing Tang and Shanqing Dong of the Xiantiandao’s Hong Kong Ethics Society) 
Anchoring Guanyin: Appropriative Strategies in a New Phoenix Hall Scripture (錨定觀音:一部新的鸞堂經文的借用策略
法輪功的歷史何在?(A History for Falun Gong) 
Research Papers
甘肅省會寧縣丁溝鄉南門村一次喪葬活動的考察及闡釋 (Investigation and Interpretation of a Funeral in Nanmen Village, Huining County, Gansu)
淡水靈寶道壇的功德儀式:以混玄壇為核心的探討 (The Gongde Rituals of Tamsui’s Lingbao Daoist Altars: A Case Study of the Hunxuan Altar)

No. 172, June 2011 
Special issue on “Redemptive Societies and New Religious Movements in Modern China” (救世團體與現代中國的新興宗教運動), part I  
Introduction: Redemptive Societies as Confucian NRMs?  
導言:救世團體研究的回顧 (Introduction: The Emergence of Academic Research on Redemptive Societies) 
Chinese Redemptive Societies and Salvationist Religion: Historical Phenomenon or Sociological Category? (民國救世團體與中國救度宗教:歷史現象還是社會學類別?
The Salvation of Religion? Public Charity and the New Religions of the Early Republic (宗教救濟?民初的新興宗教與慈善團體的演變
同善社早期的特點及在雲南的發展 (1912-1937)︰兼談其與「鸞壇」、「儒教」的關係 (Early Characteristics of the Tongshanshe and Its Development in Yunnan [1912-1937], with a Note on the Relationship between “Spirit-writing Shrines” and “Religious Confucianism”) 
民初儒學的宗教化:段正元與道德學社的個案研究 (The Religious Development of Confucianism in Early Republican China: A Case Study of Duan Zhengyuan and the Daode Xueshe) 
海濱扶聖道:戰後臺灣民間儒教結社與活動 (1945-1970) (Promoting Confucianism in Remote Places: Confucian Associations and Their Activities in Early Postwar Taiwan [1945–1970])
Research Paper 
文字/電子時代的口傳技藝:一個苗栗客家山歌婚宴表演場域的觀察 (The Verbal Art in a Literate/Electronic Age: A Case Study of Hakka Folksong Performance in Weddings) 

No. 171, March 2011 
Special issue on “New Directions in Taiwan Music Studies” (臺灣音樂的研究新動向
前言 (Preface) 
音樂作為一種離散社會空間:臺灣中和地區緬甸華僑的音景與族裔空間建構 (Music as Diasporic Social Space: Constructing Soundscapes and Ethnoscapes in a Burmese Chinese Community in Jhong-he, Taiwan) 
歌謠中的部落、歷史與生活:以三首馬蘭阿美族的現代歌謠為例 (Village, History, and Life in the Ballads: A Study of Three Modern Ballads of the Falangaw Amis) 
戰後臺灣客家音樂的建制化歷程:以《中原(苗友)》月刊(1962-1981)的再現為例 (Institutionalization of Hakka Music in Postwar Taiwan: An Analysis of Its Representation in Chuangyuan [Miauyo] Monthly 1962–1981) 
談《臺灣日日新報音樂資料彙編》對臺灣音樂史研究之價值:以明治時期資料為分析對象 (On the Research Value of “Music Resources in Taiwan Daily News”: An Analysis of Materials from the Meiji Era) 
Research Paper 
世界文化遺產中的人物:馬六甲找鄭和 (On a Special Historic Figure in World Cultural Heritage: Searching for Cheng Ho in Melaka) 
Research Report 
臺灣省地方戲劇協進會出版刊物《臺灣地方戲劇》中的戲劇史料 (Theatrical Resources in Taiwan Local Theatre)   

No. 170, December 2010 
Special issue on "The Transmission of Chinese Theatre" (戲曲流播)
前言 (Preface) 
山西上黨賽社演出中的行業變遷與演劇形態 (The Occupational Transition and Theatrical Pattern of the Saishe Performance in Shangdang, Shanxi) 
萌生與交疊:臺灣「拋採茶」之歷史景觀、表演套式與源流演化探析 (The History, Performing Style, and Origin of “Throwing a Tea Basket” in Taiwan) 
從外江到國劇:論臺灣民間京劇傳統的形成與失落 (From “Waijiang” to “National Opera”: Study of Traditional Taiwanese Folk Style Peking Opera) 
從「以箏托腔」到「器寫人聲」:論河南箏樂對曲劇音樂之吸收與借鑑 (From Accompaniment to Vocal Imitation: The Adaptation and Application of Quju Music in Henan Zheng Music) 
印尼泗水的「鳳德軒」廟宇布袋戲團發展史 (History of Affiliation with the Fengdexuan Temple Puppet Theatre Troupe in Surabaya, Indonesia) 
Research Report 
祠堂裡的圖像:晚清到民國初年之間潮汕地區的庶民生活和價值觀 (Images in Ancestral Halls: Life and Values of Common People in Chao-Shan Region from the Late Qing to the Early Republican Period)

No. 169, September 2010 
Research Articles 
中秋社祭與南臺灣的社樹信仰 (The Mid-Autumn She Sacrifice and the She Tree Cult in Southern Taiwan)
狩獵、山林與部落「產業」:走進一對賽德克父子的生命史 (Hunting, Mountains, and the Tribal “Industry”: Walking into the Life Histories of a Sediq Father-and-Son Pair)
19101930年代臺灣傳統建築彩繪匠司譜系之探討 (A Study on the Lineage of Taiwanese Traditional Architectural Paintings from 1910s to 1930s)
主僕與制衡:江西石郵儺的傳衍 (Subordination and Counterbalance: The Dissemination of Nuo in Shiyou Village, Jiangxi)
Research Report 
江蘇常熟白茆地區宣卷活動調查報告 (A Survey of Xuanjuan Activity in Baimao Area of Changshu, Jiangsu)

No. 168, June 2010
Special Issue on "Women in Chinese Religions" (華人宗教中的女性)
Introduction (導論
女乩、義女與誦經女:女性在「公寓廟」的活動和地位 (Female Mediums, God’s Daughters, and Scripture-chanting Women: Female Activities and Status in the “Apartment Temple”)
跨越社會界限的女性宗教儀式專家 (The Experience of Crossing Social Boundaries for Female Religious Specialists in Mei County, Guangdong)
Women as Worshippers, Women Worshipped: A Hakka Community in Hong Kong (婦女拜祭者和被拜祭者:香港的一個客家社區)
On Women and Chinese Ritual Food Culture in Penang and Singapore (談檳城、馬來西亞和新加坡婦女與華人節慶飲食)
Forming Women's Genealogy: Daoist Monastic Women in Mongolian China (建構女性傳承譜系:女冠活動在蒙古統治下的中國)
Humanistic Buddhism and Buddhist Nuns in Taiwan (臺灣的人間佛教與出家女眾)  

No. 167, March 2010
Special Issue on "Stone Inscriptions, Local History, and Fieldwork" (碑刻、地方史料與田野調查)
Introduction (導言)
On the Protection of Mariners: A Trajectory in the Cultic Traditions of Southern Fujian from the Early Song to the Early Qing (航員的保護:從宋朝至清朝在福建南部祭拜禮儀的發展歷程)
湄洲祖廟與度尾龍井宮:興化民間媽祖崇拜的建構 (Meizhou Ancestral Mazu Temple and the Dragon Well Temple of Duwei: The Construction of the Cult of Mazu in the Xinghua Region)
正德癸酉平陽堯廟改制考:平陽堯廟〈三聖廟碑〉解讀 (The 1513 Conversion of the Pingyang Yao Temple: An Interpretation of the “Sansheng Temple Stele”)
私人宗教儀式的社會意義:莆田東華「謝恩」儀式的田野考察 (Social Significances of Private Religious Rituals: A Field Investigation of the Xie’en Ritual in Donghua, Putian)
Research Paper
文心百變與經典轉化:從《荊釵記》到《比目魚》 (The Transformation of the Classics and the Invention of Playwriting: From Jingchaiji to Bimuyu)

No. 166, December 2009
Special issue on “Folklore Practices, Objects, and Notions of Time(民俗實踐、物與時間觀)
導論:民俗實踐、物與時間觀 (Introduction: Folklore Practices, Objects, and Notions of Time)
找吃找穿的時間:貴州施洞苗人曆法實踐中的我群建構 (Time for Food and Clothing: The Construction of In-Group in the Shidong Miao Calendar)
食物符碼與儀式行動:從賽夏社會關係的建構到時間連結的體現 (Food Symbols and Ritual Actions: From Mediating Social Relations to Embodying Time Linkages among the Saisiyat)
"Tradition," Internal Debates, and Future Directions: The Concept of Tradition and Its Relation to Time in the Practices of the Chinese Seven-Stringed Zither (Qin) (七弦琴 [古琴] 實踐中的傳統與時間概念)
賽夏音樂中的時間疊置與延展 (Overlapping and Extending of the Time in Saysiyat Music)
臺南廖枝德司阜落篙程序之研究 (A Case Study of Liao Chih-te’s Lóh-ko Technique in Tainan)
形式變貌:大溪木器形式風格之探索 (Form and Variation: An Investigation of the Woodwork Style in Ta-hsi)
Research Note
時空旅行過後的民族學資料:國立臺灣大學人類學系所藏之海南島黎族物像 (Ethnological Materials under Changing Socio-political Context: On the Ethnographic Collections of the Li People of Hainan Island in the Department of Anthropology, NTU)

(To be continued......)

《民俗曲藝》2002年改刊後目錄(簡要版  135-170期(2002~2010年)