《民俗曲藝》收錄於「臺灣社會科學核心期刊」(TSSCI)及「臺灣人文學核心期刊」(THCI),並同時獲得EBSCOhostProQuest與「國際音樂文獻資料大全」(Répertoire Interna­tional de Littérature Musicale, RILM)收錄。本刊除了專輯之規劃,亦非常歡迎有關傳統戲曲、曲藝、音樂、民俗、宗教、儀式等等,非針對特定專輯之一般「研究論文」投稿。


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Special Issue on "Local Religion in Jiangnan" (江南地方宗教)


「江南地方宗教」專題由法國高等研究實踐學院高萬桑 (Vincent Goossaert) 教授與中央研究院近代史研究所康豹 (Paul Katz) 特聘研究員共同策劃、主編。有意投稿者請於201812日前將論文題目及摘要(約300-500字,以中文或英文撰寫均可),《民俗曲藝》編輯委員會收,編委會將回覆是否合乎專題徵求。投稿摘要請註明姓名、服務機構 (或就學機構),電子郵件信箱、通訊地址、手機或電話等資訊,以利連絡。論文撰述格式請參見《民俗曲藝》「稿約」、「撰稿體例」, “Submission Guidelines” (網址 )

The Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore (Min-su chü-i 民俗曲藝) invites proposals for a special issue on local religion in the Jiangnan region, defined here as the modern regions of Shanghai, southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang. Contributions can focus on either ethnography of contemporary practices, or historical developments based on original documents; a combination of both is desired. All kinds of religious practices are potentially relevant, while the special issue’s mainstay will be local cults and rituals and their relations with the structures of local society and the specificities of local culture, notably performing arts. Studies on the localization of Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, “sectarian” movements, and spirit-possession traditions based on case studies within the Jiangnan area are particularly welcome.
Special Issue on "Local Religion in Jiangnan" will be co-edited by Vincent Goossaert (Directeur d'études, Section des Sciences Religieuses, Ecole Partique des Hautes Etudes), and Paul Katz (Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica). All papers must be submitted before June 30, 2018, so that we can complete the review and editorial processes in due time. In addition, authors should submit a Chinese or English abstract of their proposed paper to the Editorial Board ( by January 2, 2018. For more details on the submissions process, including issues of style, please consult our “Submissions Guidelines” and "Style Gude" (撰稿體例):