Traditional and World Music in School Education

Special Issue on "Traditional and World Music in School Education"
王櫻芬。〈學校教育中的傳統音樂和世界音樂:導言〉。《民俗曲藝》203 (2019.3): 1-33
Wang Ying-fen. “Traditional and World Music in School Education: An Introduction.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 203 (2019.3): 1-33.


編輯此專輯的動機,最主要的啟發來自2016年秋一場音樂學研討會中的專題討論,主題是「傳統音樂文化資產納入十二年國教課綱之評估」,... 這場專題討論讓我開始思考音樂學學者能為音樂教育做些什麼。同時它也激發我想要將我的知識和教學經驗分享給中小學音樂老師,並引發我對於其他國家(尤其是亞洲)多元文化音樂教育情形的好奇,特別是傳統音樂和世界音樂在學校的教學。
This special issue was inspired by a panel in a musicological conference that I attended in the fall of 2016. The theme of the panel wasEvaluating the Inclusion of Traditional Musical Heritage into the Curriculum Guidelines for 12-Year Basic Education,” ... this panel stimulated me to think about what musicologists can do for music education. It also aroused my desire to share my knowledge and teaching experiences with music teachers in primary and secondary education and my curiosity about the state of multicultural music education not only in Taiwan but also in other countries, particularly in Asia.

Articles in this special issue

Jennifer M. Walden. “A Drum, a Gong, and a Lion: Three Decades of Culturally Diverse Music Education in International and Canadian Schools.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 203 (2019.3): 35-72.
珍妮佛.M.瓦爾登。〈鼓、鑼及獅子:三十年來在國際學校及加拿大學校的多元文化音樂教育〉。《民俗曲藝》203 (2019.3): 35-72

Oshio Satomi. “Traditional Music and World Music in Japanese School Education.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 203 (2019.3): 73-110.
小塩さとみ。〈日本學校教育中的傳統音樂及世界音樂〉。《民俗曲藝》203 (2019.3): 73-110

潘汝端。〈高等教育體制下的北管傳習:以國立臺北藝術大學傳統音樂學系北管教學實踐為例〉。《民俗曲藝》203 (2019.3): 111-62
Pan Ju-tuan. “The Transmission of Beiguan in Higher Education in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Teaching of Beiguan in the Department of Traditional Music of Taipei National University of the Arts.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 203 (2019.3): 111-62.

Research Paper
黃萍瑛。〈結「結」與「解」結:鹿港「送肉粽」儀式的探討〉。《民俗曲藝》203 (2019.3): 163-97
Huang Ping-ying. “Knotting and Untying 'Knots': Preliminary Considerations on the 'Sending off Meat Dumplings' Ritual in Lukang, Taiwan.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 203 (2019.3): 163-97.

王櫻芬 (Wang Ying-fen) 教授主編專題系列
Special Issue on "Traditional Performing Arts as Intangible Cultural Heritage" (無形文化遺產與傳統表演藝術)
無形文化遺產與傳統表演藝術:導言 / 王櫻芬
法制化體系的保障或切割?以都蘭阿美人的歌舞實踐為例談無形文化遺產法制化體系與原住民族文化主體性的展現 / 林芳誠
政府支持與國家認證的民俗節慶新傳統:「金門迎城隍」的重要民俗之路 / 唐蕙韻
中國非物質文化遺產政策下廣西壯族「末倫」(moedlaenz)舞臺化展演的探討與反思 / 高雅寧

Special issue on "Sound Technology and Taiwanese Music" (錄音科技與臺灣音樂)
導言:錄音科技與臺灣音樂近年研究回顧 / 王櫻芬
一九三年代臺灣南管樂人潘榮枝的跨界與創新 / 王櫻芬
「寶島低音歌王之路」:洪一峰歌唱風格發展 / 邱婉婷
臺灣「山地音樂工業」與「山地歌曲」發展的軌跡:196070年代鈴鈴唱片及群星唱片、心心唱片的產製與競爭 / 黃國超
「民歌」再思考:從《重返部落》談起 / 陳俊斌

Special issue on “New Directions in Taiwan Music Studies” (臺灣音樂的研究新動向
前言 / 王櫻芬
音樂作為一種離散社會空間:臺灣中和地區緬甸華僑的音景與族裔空間建構 / 呂心純
歌謠中的部落、歷史與生活:以三首馬蘭阿美族的現代歌謠為例 / 孫俊彥
戰後臺灣客家音樂的建制化歷程:以《中原(苗友)》月刊(1962–1981)的再現為例 / 許馨文
談《臺灣日日新報音樂資料彙編》對臺灣音樂史研究之價值:以明治時期資料為分析對象 / 陳峙維

Special Issue on “Musical Instruments, Material Culture, and Meaning: Toward an Ethno-Organology" (亞洲樂器、物質文化與意義:民族樂器學芻議)
Preface (in English) / Henry Johnson
序言 / 王櫻芬
Introduction / Henry Johnson
“If a Man Can Kill a Buffalo with One Blow He Can Play a Rapa’i Pasè”: How the Frame Drum Expresses Facets of Acehnese Identity / Margaret J. Kartomi
Resonating Meaningful Relationships:The Gamelan K. K. Kancilbelik of the Sultan's Palace of Yogyakarta, Java / Roger Vetter
Changing Symbols: The Indigenization of South Asian Wedding Bands / Gregory D. Booth
The Entangled Relationship between Life Stories and Musical Instruments: A Case-Study of the Qin / Tsai Tsan-huang
The Significance of a Musical Instrument in Understanding Urbanization: The Case of the Bağlama in Turkey / Yetkin Özer
The Koto and a Culture of Difference: Musical Instruments and Performance Identity in Japan / Henry Johnson

Special Issue on “Cultural Policy and Traditional Performing Arts In Asia” (亞洲各國之文化政策與傳統表演藝術)
Introduction / Wang Ying-fen
Western Impact on Traditional Music: "Reform" and "Universalization" in the Modern Period of Japan / Terauchi Naoko
Government Policy and Traditional Performing Arts in the People's Republic of China / Yang Mu
Amateur Music Clubs and State Intervention: The Case of Nanguan Music in Postwar Taiwan / Wang Ying-fen
Vietnamese Music after the Revolution: Reevaluation and Modernization / Phong T. Nguyen
Strains of a Nation: Music, Politics, and the Elite of the Philippines / Christi-Anne Castro
Cultural Policies of Cambodia / Sam-Ang Sam
Multi-Culturalism or One National Culture: Cultural Centralization and the Recreation of the Traditional Performing Arts in Malaysia / Tan Sooi Beng

The Myanmar University of Culture: For Patriotism and National Unity / Gavin Douglas