Interview of Professor Arthur P. Wolf (1932-2015) on Stanford’s Human Biology Program

Carlos Seligo, Hill Gates, and Chen Shu-juo. “Interview of Professor Arthur P. Wolf (1932-2015) on Stanford’s Human Biology Program.” Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore 197 (2017.9): 11-38.
卡洛斯.石林哥、葛希芝陳叔倬。〈武雅士教授2013年訪談錄〉。《民俗曲藝》197 (2017.9): 11-38

In 2013, Arthur Wolf was interviewed about Stanford University’s Human Biology Program in which he had taught for more than thirty years. The program typically enrolled the largest number of undergraduate majors at Stanford, was taught by some of the university’s most eminent scholars, and included Wolf’s favorite teaching course, its introductory quarter. As he says below, Wolf was never entirely satisfied that the program succeeded in the goals he set for it. As his research progressed, however, it provided an excellent forum for re-assessing the integration he sought for his own work. His thoughts on “HumBio” provide the perfect frame for understanding what Arthur Wolf did with the Taiwan and China materials on which his writings are based.